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Abdichtungssysteme für Deponien, Altablagerungen und Altlasten

Dessication of Clay Liner - Landfill Liner

see also Deponieabdichtung (landfill liners and caps)

Dessication of clay liners has been identified as a problem since composite liners are required in TA Siedlungsabfall and TA Abfall as part of bottom liner systems as well as in cap systems.

Dr. Petra Döll has developed the mathematical model SUMMIT to calculate loss of water content in clay bottom liners, and subsequently the possibility of deccication cracking. Dr. Petra is not longer involved in landfill topics
Dr. Petra Doell, Professor of Hydrology, Institute of Physical Geography, University of Frankfurt, P.O. Box 11 19 32, D-60054 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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